Revolutionary Tool Ace's The “No Makeup” Look

Oprah calls it, ‘A brush with greatness!’ and Vogue hails it as, ‘A game-changing beauty product!’

As an experienced makeup artist, my #1 best beauty tip is simple: Never leave the house without a little bit of foundation and contour.

DESPITE… hundreds of brushes and thousands of YouTube makeup tutorials, women STILL seem to struggle to blend their makeup.

You don’t have to be a professional like me to see the cringe-worthy results of manual brushes and blending sponges…

  • Blotchy foundation
  • Streaky bronzer lines
  • Caked-on and crumbly powder

If any of these are common mishaps that you want to prevent at all costs (and oh girl, I suggest you do!), This beauty tool, which I love buffs out the imperfections.

What Is It?

It’s a patented rotating makeup brush called blendSMART and it looks so flawless that it helps you ace the “no makeup” makeup look by evenly blending your foundations faster and with consistently better results – regardless of your skill level.

(And I’ll tell you what… it definitely lives up to the promise!)

I’ve never seen anything work as well as blendSMART to make your makeup look so natural. No more embarrassing makeup streaks.

This looks like an airbrush-like makeup coverage – with very little time and effort.

💜 And it’s not just for foundation! It has different types of interchangeable brush heads that let you easily swap them out to apply powder, bronzer, blush, or even your skincare products.

So What Makes blendSMART So Much Better Than a Foundation Brush or Beauty Sponge?

If you are one of the women reading this thinking, “I need something to help me get my makeup on accurately and quickly. Keep reading! blendSMART keeps its promise!

When I tried blendSMART for the first time, I was instantly hooked! Here are just a few of the things I love about it…


✔️ Achieve Professional Looking Results (suitable for all skin types) – get an airbrushed no matter your skill level!

✔️ Achieve Great Coverage While Using Less Product – Your makeup will look natural! + you’ll get longer use out of your favorite products so you SAVE MONEY & SAVE TIME!! (And lots of it!) This one prevents product waste!

✔️ Safe For Sensitive and Acne Prone Skin – BlendSMART’s extra soft brush heads are made of antimicrobial fibers… beating out the average brush and sponge in prevents of unnecessary break outs.

PLUS, blendSMART comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and Warranty!

With that in mind, there’s no reason you shouldn’t give blendSMART a try!

"I really love this! I am so glad I tried this. Really, I am a clutz with properly blending my makeup so this is a nice alternative" - Sara

"Simply the best makeup brush in the world! I do not use basic brushes anymore! I just add a layer of product on the brush and i'm done within seconds without wasting any foundation" - Jen

"Super easy to use. Works great, and I get so many compliments on my skin! It's really the brush that is making my skin look better" - Gina

So Easy To Use:


How Much is blendSMART?

Well, when you consider that the average woman spends about $2,800 a year on face products, then the idea of adding blendSMART – a versatile makeup brush – to your makeup tool kit for only $59.99 is a no brainer especially with free shipping options. It saves you time and money while delivering a natural, gorgeous finish every time.


Where Can I Get My blendSMART Makeup Brush?

We have the one and only original blendSMART and you can only get it directly from their official website here.