Natural Wooden Paddle Hair Brush And Comb

  • MADE FROM 100% BIODEGRADABLE MATERIAL – Made from premium quality organic bamboo wood, this brush comes with a lovely aesthetics that you would want to show off. It is visually appealing and has that natural look and feel.
  • MAKES HAIR HEALTHIER AND SHINIER – Shiny and bouncier hair makes it much easier for you to prep for the morning! No need to spend hours combing your tresses when you have a wooden hairbrush with pins that will make your hair look glossy and full of life!
  • LESS STATIC MEANS LESS FRIZZY HAIR – Prevent your hair from getting frizzy causing your hair to get more tangles or the edges to fly away! This Bamboo Hair brush with wooden pins is all you need to keep away static electrical charges from ruining your hair!
  • HELPS MASSAGE YOUR SCALP – With its soft bamboo bristles arranged evenly on a cushioned foam base, you will love brushing your hair as it provides a soothing and calming effect every time the tip of the bristles touches your scalp.
  • COMES IN A CUTE TRAVEL SET– When you get this product, you don’t just get a bamboo hairbrush, you will also get a wide-tooth combed to detangle your hair, a FREE cotton drawstring bag all securely placed inside a cute craft paper box.